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Explore beautiful Moldova from Doha with ease. Making your Moldova visa journey from Qatar hassle-free is our commitment at The Visa Guy.

Moldovan Visa From Qatar

If you’re from Qatar (Qatar Citizen), you can enjoy Moldova without a visa for short stays of up to 90 days. But if you’re a Qatar resident (non-citizen), you might need a visa based on your purpose, be it tourism, business, study, or work.


  • 1
    Original Passport:Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your planned stay in Moldova, with 2 blank pages. Don't forget a copy.
  • 2
    Visa Application Form:Fill out the visa application form with accurate details and sign the visa application form.
  • 3
    Financial Documents:Show bank statements for the last 3 months (not older than 7 days) to prove you can cover your trip expenses.
  • 4
    Passport Photos:Include two recent passport-sized colour photos with a white background, following the specified size.
  • 5
    Qatar Residence Permit:Residents should have lived in Qatar for over 6 months, with a visa valid for at least 6 months.
  • 6
    Round-trip Flight Tickets:Provide proof of a round-trip flight reservation or itinerary.
  • 7
    Accommodation Details:Submit proof of where you'll stay in Moldova, like hotel reservations or an invitation letter.
  • 8
    Additional Documents:These may include proof of health insurance, a return ticket, and purpose-specific documents like an invitation letter for business visits. Some nationalities require invitations to apply for a visa to enter the Republic of Moldova.

Moldova Visa From Qatar

  • Gather and Verify Necessary Documents:Collect and check your documents, ensuring they meet the embassy's criteria.
  • Check Criteria for Nationality and Travel Intention:Review the requirements based on your nationality and travel purpose.
  • Fill Out the Application Form:Download and complete the form accurately. Sign and date it.
  • Attend Embassy Appointment:Show up at the Moldovan embassy on your appointment day with all your documents. Do the biometric process and pay the visa fee.
  • Wait for Visa Processing:Be patient during the 15 working days of visa processing. Check the status online.
  • Collect Visa and Finalize Travel Plans:Pick up your visa from the Moldovan embassy when it's approved. Check the details and finish planning your trip.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team has compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions related to applying for a Moldovan Visa from Qatar. From processing times to interview requirements, we’ve got the answers to address all your concerns.

What is the cost of a Moldova visa from Qatar?

A Moldova visa from Qatar costs around 300 QAR

How long does it take to process a Moldova visa in Qatar?

The processing time for a Moldova visa from Qatar is typically up to 15 working days.. But times can differ. Apply well before your trip.

What documents are required for a Moldova visa from Qatar?

The necessary documents include a valid passport, passport-sized photos, financial statements, a No Objection Certificate (if employed), a Qatar residence permit, round-trip flight details, accommodation proof, and a completed application form. Requirements may vary based on the type of visa and travel purpose.

Can I Apply Online for a Moldova Visa from Qatar?

Normally, you must visit the Moldovan embassy in person for an interview. Ask The Visa Guy for help or check the official website for updates.

Your Moldovan adventure awaits! Trust The Visa Guy for a smooth and efficient visa application process. Let our expertise guide you from gathering necessary documents to attending embassy appointments. Ensure a stress-free journey and unlock the wonders of Moldova. Contact “The Visa Guy” today for your personalized visa assistance.

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